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Английский язык - это сложно, но очень интересно!

Всем благополучия, удачи и новых побед!
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6 класс

Текст и задания.

 My town.       

My native town is Balashikha. It is situated not far from Moscow. It was founded in _______. Our town is rather small and quite. It is a beautiful and green town . It takes you half  an hour to get Moscow by bus or by car.

You can see many interesting places in our town. There are many wonderful parks and squares where people like to walk. Not far from my house there is a river Pekhorka. In summer my family enjoys to go on the bank of the river to play games, have picnics and swim.

Balashikha is also a historical and cultural center. There are many cinemas, clubs, museums and Art Gallery in the center of the town. You can visit some cafe and restaurants or do shopping in the Trade Centers.

Wellcome to our town.  

         I. Вычеркни слово, которое ты считаешь лишним.

1. chocolate, cake, sweet, soup, pie

2. under, nice, happy, wonderful, windy, dry, hot

3. swimming, reading, morning, playing , cooking, coming

4. grass, summer, spring, winter, autumn

5. Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday, June, Friday, Monday

         II. Выбери правильный ответ.

1. My little brother ______________ born in 2006.

a) is                                  b) was                                    c) were

2. Look! The children ___________ playing tennis in the garden.

a) were                             b) is                                       c) are

3. We always have ham and eggs ______________ breakfast.

a) to                                    b) in                                    c) for

4. Fred ____________ to the zoo with his friends yesterday.

a) went                                b) go                                   c) is going

5. Alice usually ______________ her kitchen on Sunday.

a) is cleaning                       b) cleans                             c) cleaned

6. You can see a picture ________ the wall.

a) in                                      b) under                            c) on

7. We see Mary. We see ________  near the shop.

a) her                                      b) she                              c) it

8. Moscow is the ___________________ of Russia.

a) country                               b) capital                         c) town

9. There are 26 ____________________ in the English alphabet.

a) letters                                 b) sounds                         c) articles    

      III. Из данных слов составь предложения.

1. doesn’t, to clean, like, my father, the car

2. sitting, on the bench, they, now, are

3. big, in the , there, a dog, is, hall

4. were, the pupils,  yesterday, school, at

5. last, wrote, Willy, Saturday, a letter, his, friend , to

      IV. Прочитай текст. Открой скобки, поставь глагол в правильной форме.

My Last Weekend

   My name is Victor. My family lives in Canada. I’m twelve. I go to school five days a week. Yesterday I didn’ go to school because it 1 ( be)  Saturday and we 2 (have) day off.

   I didn’t get up early. I 3 (do) my morning exercises, 4 (make) my bed and(have) a shower. My mother 5 (cook) porridge and some cheese sandwiches for breakfast. Then I 6 (take) my dog Rex for a walk in the park. The weather 7. (be) sunny and we 8.(play) two hours there.  In the park I 9. (meet) my friend Ben. He invited me to his birthday party. The party 10 (begin) at six o’clock in the evening. I 11.  (give) him an interesting book as a present.We 12 (dance),  13. (play) games, 14 (listen) to music,  15. (eat) a lot of tasty cakes and sweets and 16. (drink) fruit juice. I 17. (come) home late and  18. (go) to bed at eleven o’clock.                                                                

I. Прочитай вопросы в левой колонке и подбери к ним ответ в правой.

1. Where is Nick?                                                          A) It’s eight o’clock.

2. Where is Nick from?                                                  B) I’m thristy.

3. What’s the time?                                                        C) He’s from Scotland.

4. What are your names?                                               D) I’m fifteen.

5. What’s the matter, Ted?                                             E) He’s in London.

6. How old are you, Ann?                                              F) We are Dolly and Polly.

II. Выбери правильные формы глаголов, чтобы закончить эти предложения.

1. My brother ___________ from Great Britain.

a) am                                    b) is                                      c) are

2. Tom ______________ cold days and nights.

a) like                                    b) can                                    c) likes

3. The red roses _____________ very nice.

a) am                                      b) is                                           c) are

4. My dad ______________ in the park in the morning.

a) runs                                    b) run                                   c) has

5. The pupils _____________ English books.

a) swim                                  b) play                                   c) read

6. The famer _________________ three pigs, ten hens and five cows .

a) have                                     b) has                                   c) is

III. Прочитай слова в левой колонке и подбери антоним в правой.

1. old                                                                     a) happy

2. weak                                                                  b) hot

3. cold                                                                    c) tall

4. fat                                                                      d) young

5. short                                                                   e) strong

6. sad                                                                     f) thin

IV. Вычеркни лишнее слово.

1. Nick, Bill, Ann, Ed, Tim, Justin;

2. Spain, Britain, Russia, Canada, London;

3. black, white, green, pupil, pink, blue;

4. nice, big, hi, five, bike;

5. These, Monday, Sunday, Tuesday, Friday;

6. eggs, foxes, students, ships, mouse, books.      



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